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"How Diabetes Works"

Links to Web Sites We Like

If you’d like to learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and other diseases, or you just want to keep up-to-date on the current news and medical developments in the field, here’s a helpful list of recommended websites for you to visit. We will continue to add important links to this page, including links to local physician specialists to whom we often refer our patients. See our other resources, including suggested reading for more education on optimum health.

Diabetes-Related Web Sites and Blogs : “Solving diabetes until there is a cure.” Information and resources about getting blood sugar and insulin levels to normal. : Dr Richard Bernstein’s website. An active 74-year-old endocrinologist and Type 1 diabetic (on insulin) since age of 12. What he does works! : Friendly, accurate blog by a diabetic health writer about diabetes and low-carb diet. Many excellent links. : Free weekly newsletter on recent diabetes scientific research and news. Expert articles on many aspects of diabetes care. Promotes low-carb diet. : Calculator to determine your risk of diabetes. : Current opinions and research from physicians and scientists about diabetes and the low-carb diet. Many excellent links. : Professional site of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society. : daily update on science news about diabetes. : Recipes, how-to’s and information about various low-carb diets. : Ron Raab’s (Past Vice-President 2000-2006) International Diabetes Federation site with info and links about using low-carb diets for diabetes management. : Barry Groves, PhD. - great site including research articles and links on diabetes and other diseases. : Blog by Dr. Vernon, a colleague of Dr Atkins. : Online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes., Inspiring sites and blogs from world class athletes with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. “Founded to inspire people with diabetes around the world to take control of their health through diet, exercise and proper health care”. : Official website for the Diabetes Exercise & Sports Association. Education and forum for patients, families and professionals regarding exercise and sports.

Local Physician Specialists We Recommend : Heartcare, PC is a Scottsdale-based cardiovascular care medical office.

Other Health-Related Web Sites : American Academy of Family Physicians - health information for the whole family. : Government health information and resources, from Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes for Health. : American Cancer Society information and resources : Explains lab tests. Current news on lab tests and screening.

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