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"How Diabetes Works"

For Physicians and other
Health Professionals

Dr. Hilts has thousands of hours of training, service and research related to the disease of diabetes. This knowledge is of course used in the treatment protocols for her patients, but the numbers of people she can help by herself is limited. We work with physicians and other professionals to reach and treat more patients more effectively.

Education / Training

DiabeVita believes what is currently considered acceptable management of diabetes by most patients is woefully short of optimum possibilities. Too much reliance on medicine rather than changes in diet and lifestyle is not in the interest of the patient, but that takes educational time - time not compensated by insurance companies. We offer brief educational seminars (with healthy snacks) at your office or ours, to medical and office staff. Dr. Helen Hilts will talk about the nature of the disease and care that will lead to speedier and more effective treatment of your patients with diabetes. Please feel free to call our office to schedule a training session that will be convenient for you and your staff.


If you have a patient with a critical or unusual situation affected by diabetes and would like to refer the patient to DiabeVita for special care, you can call our office to schedule a priority appointment.

Open House

For interested physicians and their medical staffs, DiabeVita schedules a free Open House at its offices to come meet Dr. Hilts and learn about her effective treatment techniques. Visit our News and Events page for upcoming schedules.

Medical Records

If you require medical records from our office about a patient you are now seeing, note that registered patients can acquire records for themselves to get to you via our Patient Portal. Otherwise, upon authorized request, we can send records to you via our EMR system. We automatically send our record back to you involving any patient you have referred to us.

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