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Prescription Renewals

You may not need our office’s involvement for some refills. First, look on the label of your prescribed medicine. It will state whether there are refills remaining before the expiration date. If there are, simply call the pharmacy and the pharmacist will take care of your needs.

If a prescription you received from DiabeVita has expired and you need a refill, you can call our office or use the Patient Portal to request a renewal. One of our staff members will reply to your request as soon as possible.

If you call us, listen carefully to the menu options to request a refill. We will need your name and phone number; the spelling of the medicine you are requesting, the dosage, and the name and telephone number of your pharmacy.

Some renewals may require an office visit prior to releasing a new prescription. If so, our office will notify you of this requirement upon receiving your renewal request.

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